Thursday, April 9, 2009

a little racial profiling, part deux

Our next subject will be the Caucasians.

(And if you ever write a novel and need to start it with some dialogue, and that statement happens to make its way into the book, just let me know and we can work out a deal as far as royalty's concerned.)

One of the very first blogs I ever began to read was a true internet gem--a pop sensation, even. In fact, it became so popular that they ditched the idea of keeping it on a blogspot address and use a ".com" address now. Could it be that stuffwhitepeoplelike was just too popular, and was slowing down servers nation-wide?

It probably did.

This is another example of intentional racial profiling, written from a non-white perspective. It offers pleasant satire that isn't quite offensive, and every entry seems to cause the reader to laugh and admit that "it's funny 'cause it's true."

There are almost countless examples of the parts of life that white people tend to be attracted to, and I encourage you to follow the link and find a few that you find are funny (and perhaps true).

Please respond with what you find, and answer a few questions:

Could this type of blog be offensive to some people? Is free speech more important than people being offended? What do you think?

a little racial profiling

Ok. Time to get serious.

I know I've said it time and time again, but really kids--this blog's for YOU.

And I mean that it's for your education. For the next couple entries, let's talk about racial profiling. I know this is touchy, even in Provo, so we'll try to take it slow with a few comical and a few realistic examples.


What a fantastically charming character we have here. Actor Tracy Morgan, of Saturday Night Live fame, decided some time ago to play the embarrassingly over-the-top role of Tracy Jordan (catch that one?) on NBC's 30 Rock, and personally, he seems to single-handedly carry the show.
Now I'm not an avid watcher--take it easy on me, I'm working on fixing that--but what I have seen has been certainly entertaining in a way that's sillier than The Office.
As for the racial aspect, check out the pilot episode. Morgan brings plenty of stereotypes to the set, which are somewhat countered by Toofer, the character played by Keith Powell. Even Toofer's name reflects significant racial profiling, "with him you get a two-for-one; he's a black guy and a Harvard guy." Representation of African Americans is not the primary subject of the humor of 30 Rock, but the show does rely on a healthy dose of it on a regular basis.

What do you think about it? How does this compare to the expectations of those who participated in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s? What about the expectations of those today? How do you think such figures as Martin Luther King, Jr, Malcolm X, or other civil rights leaders would respond to the characters of Tracy Jordan and Toofer?

Monday, April 6, 2009

smooch rules

i am of the opinion that if lovers feel the need to smooch in public, they should also accompany the liplock with a high-five or similar gesture.

(that's what i mean)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

get your education on!

oh good!

remember how the WHOLE idea behind this blogging thing was NOT:

to be more indie

to find more people to be friends with on facebook

                                        ...NOT my page, ps.)

to have a good excuse to look at whale in a cubicle (this one is actually false--it's a fantastic excuse and i use it.)

no sirs and ma'ams.

i'm all about getting my education on. so the next few posts will be about all the jazz we talk about in class. 

(that's what i mean).

Thursday, March 5, 2009


it's certain-thanks to mom, i call them sockies. and today is the first day i have worn white sockies in...

...many days.


alex and i were watching amc because i can't resist it, and the other night there was this commercial with the stack of cash with the eyeballs on it and it said that this was the money i'd save if i switched to geico. it wasn't much for conversation, but if it were, it'd probably be talking to me about the money i could save by switching to geico. alex laughed and laughed, and i just thought it was funny that he loved it so much.

the last part is this: apparently they found a fish with a clear head. a live one, finally!

oh buddies..